When creativity marries with raw materials of excellence...

We want to create an unmistakable food and wine experience .

For this reason, with our Chef we have a constantly updated menu with the goal of celebrating the freshest seasonal ingredients.

Traceability and freshness: the short supply chain of quality

Every dish in our kitchen is prepared with traceable ingredients from selected producers. 

The link with the territory and the focus on quality have led us to prefer small suppliers, reducing the steps from producer to table. 

The result is a a curated shortlist of premium ingredients from which to create new recipes and achieve unique combinations

Handmade pasta

Pasta lovers know it well: none is as good as handmade pasta. At Lungarno23 we make it with the finest ingredients and knead it with love. From flours made from ancient grains to eggs from 0-mile farms, we make fresh pasta for first courses to savor.

The Chianina meat with the PGI mark

Quality Chianina, a lean and highly valued meat, has always been our business card.

The specialties of Chianina di Lungarno23 are many:  

from Sliced Sirloin to Chianina Sushi  to our"notorious"burgers