The Florentine steak

The House of Chianina

The restaurant in Florence where to eat Florentine steak made of Chianina PGI meat.

The question when you arrive in the Tuscan capital is, "Where do you eat the best Florentine steak in Florence?"

What better occasion to discover at Lungarno 23 the Florentine steak made from PGI Chianina beef.

Today the Florentine steak cannot be under 4-5 fingers, its typical T-shape, given by the bone, and the specific cut of the loin remain.

Certainly not just any kind of meat, but Chianina beef is the kind of meat you find at Lungarno 23.

That is why with these measurements a T-bone steak weighs a minimum of 1.2 kg and is usually shared among several diners.

Chianina IGP beef Florentine steak

Visiting Florence requires an obligatory stop, that of trying its most famous traditional dish: bistecca alla fiorentina.
At Lungarno 23 we introduced it this year; it is something new that we feel passionately about offering you. Our chef will prepare it for you according to the most ancient Tuscan culinary tradition, and that is exclusively rare.
This does not mean that you will find real blood in the steak once it is cooked: it is rather myoglobin, the protein that binds oxygen in the cytoplasm of muscle cells.
As for wine pairings, letour staff advise you, who will surely know how to suggest which red to choose according to your taste, but also according tothe best possible enhancement of the PGI Chianina meat.

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