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Nutritional characteristics and values

Lungarno23 is the most known place in Florence where to eat authentic Chianina meat burgers and other fine specialties.

If you are looking for a restaurant to eat Chianina in Florence, then the answer is definitely Lungarno23. Our restaurant is well known for Chianina burgers and other rich dishes based on this special meat. But what is Chianina and why is it called so?

Tuscan Chianina meat: what it is and what it is distinguished by.

Chianina is a special bovine, native of Tuscany and Umbria . It has a characteristic porcelain white mantle, and it is known for beauty and quality of its flesh since antiquity. Among its peculiarities there is the fact that it does not fit modern intensive breeding systems. For this reason, the true Chianina meat comes only from small farmers and it is still produced in very limited quantities. Lungarno23 is born precisely with the aim to enhance such precious Tuscan heritage, respecting its exclusivity. For this reason, we only serve Chianina meat certified with the IGP trademark (Protected Geographical Indication). In addition, we offer other dishes that increase its taste, such as “ Chianino dish”, consisting of tartare, roastbeef, carpaccio and mini hamburger, or Chianina Marinata. All them are strictly registered with the trademark of the consortium for the Protection of White cow from the Central Apennines, born to protect its authenticity.

Why it is called Chianina: the close bond with territory.

The name "Chianina" comes from the land “Val di Chiana” where it has always been reared. It is therefore immediately apparent the deep bond with the lands of origin, which are custodian of its breeding still today. This is why the Florentines are particularly excited about this excellence, and those who visit Florence can not miss to taste it. But how to recognize the real Chianina? This is a key point because the renowned quality of this meat has proliferated the cases of counterfeiting. Common meat passed off for Chianina began to appear in many menus. That is why it is always important to check the presence of the trademark I.G.P., which we care to exhibit on each table. Traceability and controlled origin are indispensable values to ensure a safe and qualitatively high product.


Lean Beef20.33.1011365
Chianina Beef22.51.2010150
Prosciutto (cured ham)22.231.2037092

Chianina's quality: nutritional values and properties.

Unique for its taste and soft consistency, Chianina meat is also appreciated for its nutritional properties. It is made up of 74% water and the rest of proteins. It is the leanest and most digestible meat among European beef , with only 1.2% fat in opposite to an average of 3% in common meat. High iron content and essential amino acids for the body make it even more important from a nutritional point of view. It is appropriate to say it is really a good meat in all directions.

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