Selected dishes

First courses, main courses and desserts with unique recipes to discover

For lunch and dinner, Lungarno23 awaits you daily with a rich menu of selected dishes based on exclusive specialties. In addition to Chianina meat burgers, you can choose from fresh artisanal pasta dishes, meat and vegetable main courses, and a range of house desserts. Not forgetting our suggestions for a vegetarian and vegan menu. Come and discover the unique recipes from our kitchen.

Selected appetizers for all palates

What better way to whet your appetite than a 0-mile appetizer? From our handpicked suppliers, we have selected high-quality cured meats, sausages and cheeses as well as the freshest seasonal vegetables. From Tuscan sliced meats to aged pecorino cheeses, French cheeses to garden first fruits, you can enjoy the appetizers on the menu served with studied flavor combinations.

Homemade pasta dishes

Lungarno23 is also the restaurant in Florence where you can eat fresh pasta dishes cooked in special variations. From Spaghetto with parmesan cream and black truffle to fresh pasta Maltagliato with our duck ragout.

Or pasta dishes made with ancient Verna Wheat, with excellent nutritional properties and a very low percentage of gluten (0, 9 percent versus 14 percent of regular wheat). In addition to pasta, legume and vegetable soups that vary according to seasonal produce await you.

Also open for lunch on weekends and holidays

Main courses of meat and vegetables

If Chianina meat burgers are our signature dish, you can also find many other main courses, made with meat and vegetables. For example, the Chianina meat sirloin with Chianti Classico reduction, accompanied with fresh vegetable caponata. But also tartare, roast beef, Ossobuco di Chianina alla Milanese with Saffron Risotto and other recipes.

Do you prefer chicken to Chianina? Our Curried Bocconcino di pollo nostrale accompanied by a parmesan risotto is definitely the dish for you. And for summer evenings, the Chianina Sushi rice-based dish with tenderloin, lardo di colonnata, prosciutto, avocado, wasabi, seaweed and other goodness.

House dessert and Florentine specialties

To complete the meal, you can range from our desserts. From Dark Chocolate Tenerina, served with chocolate mousse, the Cheesecake accompanied by artisanal sauces fresh orange, strawberry or chocolate mousse. Not to mention the great classics of Tuscan pastries, such as the Cantucci di Prato with almonds served with Vin Santo.

In addition to our kitchen's exclusive desserts, cream gelato from Vivoli, the oldest gelateria in Florence, and Millefoglie semifreddo with Buontalenti flavor from the well-known Pasticceria Badiani await you on the menu. Two must-have cornerstones for those who visit the city and for those who have always lived here.