Lungarno 23 offers two hours of free parking at the Garage dei Tintori


Discover our winery

Lungarno 23 boasts a wide choice of fine wines, artisan beers, exquisite distillates and dessert wines.

Passion for quality distinguishes us in cuisine as well as in drinks.

In order to honour dining pleasures, it is imperative that the cellar is up to the dishes. That's why we always aim to select the finest wineries and the best breweries. Together with special consideration for local and national products, we like to include international excellence, too. A fancy choice of aromatic fragrances, from the strongest to the most delicate ones, awaits you in our wine list, to accompany you worthy from starter to dessert.

Tuscan and national houses: the nectar of territory

The best Tuscan farmhouses are the flagship of our winery. From the vineyards Marchesi de 'Frescobaldi to the historic Marchesi Mazzei, from Marchesi Antinori to Baron Ricasoli, passing through Ornellaia. A selection of fine grapes, matured in the sweetness of the hillsides, where the generosity of nature translates into pleasing libations. Purple reds and golden whites of Tuscan range are added to those of the best national varieties. Like the high-atesine excellence Caldaro Winery (Kellerei Kaltern) or the sought-after class Mastroberardino estate. A tour among taste and aromas in the national territory, based on high quality products.

Foglia Tonda wine : natural local purity

Fascinated by excellence, we do not fail to surprise our customers with authentic pearls to discover. Among the most prestigious wines of our cellar, you can savour the rare San Martino Estate Foglia Tonda. Vinified in natural terracotta jars, this unfiltered and sulphite-free wine is intimately tied to Tuscan territory. Born from an ancient native vine, it matures inside hand-worked terracotta jars, obtained from the same ground where the plant grows. An exclusive clay located only in a small area of Impruneta, near Florence. This terracotta boasts perfect physical-chemical characteristics for optimum wine conservation. The result is a Tuscan specialty that amazes both senses and palate.


Craft beers: genuine refreshment

Along with the noble quality of grapes, Lungarno23 welcomes one range of craft and draft beers. The taste of the different varieties of hops are completed by the aromas of multiple proposals. A fine selection to offer the refreshing pleasure of genuine beer from small national breweries. Among the Tuscan ones, the San Quirico Brewery, with the golden blonde Iris, slightly fruity, or the amber-colored Giulitta, soft and full-bodied. Or the selection of the Borgo al Cornio craft brewery, specialized in high fermentation raw beers. From the blonde Mercatale to the red Buonamici passing through the triple malt of Le Carceri beer. Or, again, the special raw beer obtained from the ancient Grain Verna, rustic and sweet, with a white and compact foam. The selection is completed by the most fine draft beers from the historical Carlsberg company. Among these, a selection of the Brewery Angelo Poretti, with beers obtained from varieties of hops and brews inspired by the European tradition.
The art of the master brewers from Austria, Bohemia and Bavaria relives in products of genuine excellence. From the spicy notes of 9 Luppoli Bohemian Pils to the inebriating bouquet of the 9 Luppoli American IPA, for a rewarding sensory trip.

Distillates and dessert wines: inebriating selection

Lungarno23 invites you to taste the precious taste of distillates and dessert wines to end your meal. You will discover a selection of fine national grappas, such as the Black History Grappa and the White Historic Grappa from Domenis Distillery. Two refined qualities of harmonious and round taste. Or the Tuscan grappa Colle Bereto and Colle Bereto Riserva, aged in oak barrels. Among the international excellence, the classic French Armagnac, Cognac and Calvados distillates and some prestigious whiskeys. And again Clement of Martinique Rhum, distilled from pure juice of sugar cane. For those who love the sweetness of dessert wines, Muffato of Antinori Hall will be the Tuscan proposal. Intense and floral, it expresses notes of bunches matured in November mists. And from the national excellence, the famous Castel del Monte Passito from Pantelleria and Saracco Moscato from Asti are equally indispensable options.

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