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Love for tastiness

Lungarno23 prefers short supply chain of quality, excellence of land and craftsmanship.

Our cuisine is first of all love for tastiness, from the controlled origin of ingredients to the irresistible pleasure of culinary art. That is why we are daily working on research for the best products. Sit at our tables and taste it!

Traceability and freshness of ingredients: quality as a mission.

From the very first day of our opening, we have placed the focus on genuinity . This is to make known and safeguard the excellence of Tuscan and national territory. A heritage of flavours, raw materials and processes that make up the colourful mosaic of our culture. Besides Tuscan dishes, our menu is also including specialties of Italian cuisine. The most characteristic ingredients and exclusive recipes enrich our proposals during all year. Leading thread of our dishes is the traceability of each product and the craft care with which it is prepared. A philosophy of respect for quality and freshness that has nowadays been lost, supplanted by the logic of global economy. We prefer to keep it intact, to bring to the table the most authentic Tuscan dishes and other exquisite Italian delicacies.

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Small producers, solid realities: excellence as a purpose.

Maintaining high quality standards requires continuous engagement. In addition to our care for cuisine and service, we are committed to carrying on constant research. First of all, basic ingredients, ensuring that they always come from selected producers and realities of our territory. This is to minimize the steps from the source to the consumer and to serve only high-level foods. From each producer, we only draw the products in which it excels, to get a shortlist of unique specialties. Secondly, we create new recipes and combinations to get the top result.

Care for our guests: courtesy as a value.

Our satisfaction is that one of our guests. Our efforts are aimed to satisfy your well-being. We wish that our customers can feel at home. That's why we try to anticipate any need with exclusive services for your comfort. From the garage near the café to the care for babies and kids, without forgetting the four-legged friends. Find out all available services in the section of the site, and come to test them personally.

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