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Selected dishes

Selected dishes for you

At Lungarno23 you can enjoy selected typical dishes of Florentine gastronomy and other delicious recipes inspired by Italian excellence

Besides Chianina meat burgers, Lungarno23 offers a rich menu of selected dishes with top quality ingredients. From tasty appetizers to meat second courses, passing through fabulous soups and fresh hand-made pasta. A range of selected recipes, complemented by the great assortment of salads and the new vegan and vegetarian menu proposals.

Lungarno23 starters: typical cheeses, cold meats and seasonal dishes

Lungarno 23 offers you a menu with excellent appetizers to entertain your lunch or dinner. Our cheeses and cold meats are accurately chosen for their high quality and unique taste, and come only from the best producers. Small local companies that translate craftsmanship and tradition into their products. In addition to the most delicious Tuscan cured meats, a selection of extraordinary cheeses is waiting for you. Then, depending on season, we propose particular vegetables and first fruits, served both raw or cooked.

First courses at Lungarno23: handmade pasta and traditional recipes

Lungarno23 is also the ideal place to taste typical Florentine first courses and much more. Fresh handmade pasta is an added value of our menu, featured in exquisite recipes and seasonal variations. From Spaghetti with Parmesan cheese cream and black truffle, to fresh Maltagliato pasta with our duck sauce. In addition, we also serve bread and first courses made with the ancient "Grano Verna". This particular variety of wheat, rediscovered for its genuine properties, is also ideal for those who suffer digestive difficulties. The very low percentage of gluten (0.9% versus 14% of normal grain) makes it a valid alternative for those who, although not being celiac, are particularly sensitive to wheat. Our menu also features appetizing vegetable soups and legumes that can change according to season.

Lungarno 23 second courses: not only burgers

Chianina meat burgers are our specialty, but we can offer many succulent alternatives as well. Among the various recipes, you can try Chianina meat sirloin cooked with classic Chianti wine, combined to vegetable caponata (typical cooked mixed vegetables), and then tartare, roast beef, Milan ossobuco and other delights. Do you prefer chicken ? Our chicken nuggets with curry and parmesan risotto is definitely the dish for you. Meat or vegetables, come and find out all the rest directly from our menu.

Special summer dish: chianina sushi

In summer, every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Lungarno 23 introduces an excellent proposal in menu: Chianina Sushi. Supreme rice noodles with fillet, “lardo di colonnata” (typical tuscan cold meat), ham, avocado, wasabi, algae and more, wisely prepared by our chefs

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