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Chianina Hamburgers

The taste of Tuscan excellence, set in a rich menu of high quality Chianina meat burgers.

Lungarno23 is known in Florence for its particular Chianina meat burgers, certified with the I.G.P. brand. This meat, from small local farmers, is a true symbol of the territory. Come and taste its special flavour and you will be able to fully appreciate the pleasures of Tuscan gastronomic tradition. In addition to the high-quality choice of our raw materials, our hamburgers seduce the palate for the wisdom of matching. You can explore all varieties of our historic burgers, from the most classic to the most original ones. You will also find hamburgers in the dish of the day list, chosen according to the availability and freshness of seasonal products. A great experience between flavours and first fruits from regional and national production.


How our burgers are made: the secret of Lungarno23

Why are our burgers so good? Because the quality of meat makes them special. Far from the "eat and run " logic of fast food restaurants, we made the burger a course to savour. For this reason we only turn to selected small Chianina meat producers. In addition, every hamburger is worthy being combined to delicious fresh ingredients. Any type of burger you choose, it will be served together with a sesame handcrafted sandwich, fried potatoes, high-quality salad and tomatoes and a bowl of boiled onions.

What we put into our burgers: a few examples from menu

At Lungarno23 the possibility of choice never fails. One of the most requested hamburger is definitely the tasty "Cinta", Chianina meat burger covered with fresh bacon of Cinta senese. Those who love abundance can choose the "Zinc", 300g giant Chianina burger, to be served absolutely rare cooked. Or the double "Zelante" burger, for real lovers of abundance. Or, again, enjoy the "Everything" burger, with fontina cheese, crunchy bacon, avocado sauce and "nduja" (typical calabrian cold meat) made by the chef. You will find so many possibilities, each of them designed to impress the palate with authentic flavours. The taste is always guaranteed, as well as the combination with a rich side dish. Come and visit us to find out all.

What seasonal burgers contain: fantasy and genuineness

We can offer both a hamburgers menu available at any time of the year , and a seasonal choice, too. According to the period you will be sitting at Lungarno23, you will enjoy different specialties. For example, the praiseworthy Chianina hamburger with porcine mushroom chapel, a combination of local delicacies. Or the Chianina Hamburger with egg and white truffle, another highly appreciated seasonal variation. Every month you will find small masterpieces of pure tastiness. You just have to come and try them personally.

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