Lungarno 23 offers two hours of free parking at the Garage dei Tintori

Chianina meets Piemonte

Festa della donna al Lungarno 23
Women’s Day at Lungarno 23
10 March 2017
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Chianina meets Piemonte

Menu of 21st February, 2017

– Chianina nuggets with pistachio crust; Potatoes with black truffle and Parmesan cheese cream combined to: Barbera Piemonte DOC “Poderi Luigi Einaudi”
– Chianina Hamburger with Cinta Senese combined to: Barolo Costa Grimaldi “Poderi Luigi Einaudi”
– Cheese cake with orange sauce combined to : Moscato d’Asti “Saracco”
Tot: 35€
Extra goblets (forfait): 3€ each

Restricted entry event

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